Stay legalization in Poland

We help foreigners in obtaining a temporary residence permit due to:

  • performance of work
  • running a business
  • studies
  • reunion with the family
  • posted workers
  • short-term stay
  • family members of a Polish citizen
  • temporary residence permit for the purpose of using long-term mobility
  • temporary residence permit for the purpose of performing work by a foreigner as part of an intra-corporate transfer
  • conducting research or development work
  • the family of a researcher using long-term mobility
  • a temporary residence permit for an intern
  • participation in the European Voluntary Service program
  • temporary residence permit for the purpose of long-term mobility of the researcher

Permanent residence permits

Permanent residence – Pole’s Card

Pole’s Card – cash benefits

Long-term resident’s EU residence permit

Extension of a National or Schengen Visa

Issuing / replacing a residence card

Issuing a residence card / permanent residence card of a family member of an EU citizen

Assistance in obtaining Polish citizenship

Polish documents issued to foreigners

We conduct appeal cases, write complaints, reminders, accelerate the issuance of decisions, appeals against decisions and complaints against decisions of first instance bodies.